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Manufaktur – the new luxury brand for the high-end sector.
With the Manufaktur collection, Object Carpet recalls the traditional materials silk and wool and transports the craftsmanship of classic carpet manufacturing into the present. The singularity of the material is honored by the high-quality production and colouration, giving the finished product a timeless and powerfully expressive character. Manufaktur collection redefines rooms and gives them an exclusive, worthy charisma. The unique materials create a very special ambience – from sensual to earthy, from exotic to domestic.


Let the magic of Pure Silk seduce you.
Every carpet is a unique hand-woven product, available in 25 colours and unique structure which gives it its singular character. The silk collection of Object Carpet Manufaktur opens up various design possibilities for an interior because its natural dominance puts the floor in the spotlight. Pure silk lays exclusivity at your feet.

The silk has a natural structure made of fibres that reflect the light and make the colours brilliant and luminous, the carpet almost seems to be softly in motion. Textile floors of the Manufaktur collection open a new dimension for the senses. Not only do they transform the ambience, they absolutely hypnotize and tempt you to touch and feel. Unique and tailor made: every carpet is a carefully manufactured product with 2.400 grams of pure silk per square metre, available as Rugx too, with no limits of shape, all formats are possible.

Pure Silk 2523
Pure Silk 2508
Pure Silk 2507
Pure Silk 2510
Pure Silk 2520
Pure Silk 2518

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