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Textile floors that meet the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, functionality, ecological sustainability and flexibility. The innovative woven structure reduces fine dust and, combined to the substrate in BlackThermo® Felt Acoustic Plus, ensures high acoustic performances. The high density of the coating ensures a long service life even on high traffic areas.

Available in addition to the classic 50×50 cm format, even in customizable sizes (eg. 25×100, 50×100, 100×100) from a minimum order of 200 square meters, the tiles are cut with precision using laser technology, to create original and design poses with contrasts and/or colour combinations by placing them in a chessboard or even in a herringbone pattern.

The substrate is free of PVC and bitumen, odorless and free of emissions. To improve maintenance properties, all qualities are endowed with a protection fibre that repels dirt, making the cleaning easy.

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