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About us

Effeti srl, present since 1983, has always had as its goal that of making wooden floors. Today we bring forward this passion with respect of traditional Italian craftsmanship that stays united to the attention of the norms in terms of safety and environment, representing the guidelines of our profession.

Our wooden floors, 100% made in Italy and eco-sustainable, are the result of emotions that the nature of wood transmits to us: the essences take on finishes and colours so they can meet the most varied needs of taste and environment. A united team, a careful control of the production processes, a design that strives for innovation and a service that excels towards our customers who have allowed us to continue to dedicate ourselves to our wood.


Knowledge, interpretation: a journey across senses to discover the history where you can meet yourselves.

A journey to discover different worlds, from far lands suggestions you can find new wood collections and unique floors. Every piece of wood holds, silently, a unique story, made of details and elements which deserve to be described. Here, what we wish: to have the pleasure to enter into your lives, taking you on a path where to be hauled by your sensations and finally find a story in which you recognize yourselves.

Our creations
Not just wood

Since 2008 Effeti has been the exclusive partner throughout Italy of the German company Object Carpet, an European leader in the production of textile floors and rugs of unique design, optimally matched to the high demands of the contract sector, hospitality and exclusive livings, combining the best raw materials.

Effeti aims in the international market with deep knowledge of wooden and textiles floors, providing  many specially designed accents for every room.

Textile floors
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