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tifwood® is Effeti brand dedicated to our wooden floors world.

A ladybug: a small mark, a great meaning. Nature, understood in its deepest sense.
The respect for the environment we live in is the base for all our choices: every day, in every moment.

Healthiness, the value that ladybug intrinsically brings, understood as purity and wellness: this is what we want to offer you thanks to our products. The predilection for wood allows us to provide unique floors, to astonish and excite you, experiencing the beauty of essence and its workings.

Because answering your requests carefully and taking care of all your need is our passion.


Since 2008 Effeti has been the exclusive partner throughout Italy of the German company Object Carpet, an European leader in the production of textile floors and rugs of unique design, optimally matched to the high demands of the contract sector, hospitality and exclusive livings, combining the best raw materials.


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