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Manufaktur – the new luxury brand for the high-end sector.
With the Manufaktur collection, Object Carpet recalls the traditional materials silk and wool and transports the craftsmanship of classic carpet manufacturing into the present. The singularity of the material is honoured by the high-quality production and colouration, giving the finished product a timeless and powerfully expressive character. Manufaktur collection redefines rooms and gives them an exclusive, worthy charisma. The unique materials create a very special ambience – from sensual to earthy, from exotic to domestic.

Exclusive by nature.

Pure Wool textile floors are made exclusively with pure virgin wool: natural, renewable and of the highest quality.
The wool breathes, gives warmth and thanks to its characteristics it regulates the humidity providing the environment with a comfortable climate. The special structure of wool fibres is extremely elastic and resilient. The carpet is available in 16 natural shades from forest to cloud: gentle colouring processes which do not eliminate the natural lipid layer of the wool give carpets of the Pure Wool collection a special dirt resistance. The soft colours of the collection reflect the diversity of life outdoors and bring nature home.

Soft and cozy Pure Wool embraces a traditional heritage and modern environmental consciousness. It’s a natural, durable, sensible product with an incomparable comfort for those who appreciate exclusivity as well as simplicity. Every carpet is a carefully manufactured product with 3.600 grams of pure virgin wool per square metre. Available as Rugx, too.

Pure Wool 2603
Pure Wool 2616
Pure Wool 2614
Pure Wool 2610
Pure Wool 2605
Pure Wool 2613

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